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Vape Angels Quit Smoking, Get Healthier

Quitters are Healthier

For many, the only obvious thing that immediately happens when you try to quit smoking is pounding craving to smoke a cigarette. That's a nicotine fix for you. You probably knew that, over time...
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E-Liquids : PG vs VG

So you should now know that the essential ingredients of vape juice are PG and VG, and nicotine and flavorings depending on the product. There is more to it though, and what you may have noticed...
Vape Angels Vaping Devices

The Vaping Range

Having looked at the most basic way an average vape device works, it's time to complicate things a little. There's a range of options out there to choose from, and they can differ quite dramatically. 
Vape Angels Milton Keynes e-Liquids

How does Vaping work?

We've moved on a bit from ye olde firesticks of cancer don't you know? While tobacco may linger into the future as the discreet habit of few holdouts, vaping is going to be the vastly preferred method of inhalation. 
Vape Angels Milton Keynes e-Liquids

What is e-Liquid?

This is a question we get a lot from the uninitiated. Some smokers have wondered why they would switch from something that grows naturally, to an e-Liquid substance they don't quite understand. 
Vape Angels Please No Smoking

Why Switch to Vaping?

So most of what we'll be doing here is talking to smokers. We want you to kick that habit, because it's quite literally killing you. There are a number of methods designed to help you quit, but none have been as clearly successful as... 
Vape Angels Ending Tobacco

Ending Tobacco

There's an honest mission here at Vape Angels. Yes, we love our products and we know there's a lot of people who enjoy vaping for the simple pleasure of vaping. But an underlying fact of the emergence of vaping is the decline of tobacco...