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Quitters are Healthier

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For many, the only obvious thing that immediately happens when you try to quit smoking is a pounding craving to smoke a cigarette. That's a nicotine fix for you. You probably knew that, over time, your general health would restore to something like it was before you were a smoker. 

It's amazing actually, how much happens and how quickly. 

In 20 Minutes 

Heart rate and blood pressure return to normal levels

In 8 Hours 

Blood oxygen levels are restored as carbon monoxide leaves the body

In 24 Hours 

Smoking particulate and mucus in the respiratory system start to clear

In 48 Hours 

Nicotine has left your system and sensory function improves. 

In 2 - 12 Weeks 

Cardiovascular function is recovering, exercise is easier. 

In 3 - 9 Months 

Further lung repair further decreases respiratory issues

After 12 Months 

You're now 50% less likely to suffer coronary heart disease than a smoker

It doesn't matter how long or how much you smoked. It's always a good time to quit, and everyone will experience benefits to health and happiness. 

There's nothing stopping you. 


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