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The Juul Revolution

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When we took you through the basics of the variety of different vape devices, from cigalikes, to pens and box mods and beyond, we also mentioned the "mod pod". The key difference with these vape devices is, beyond the general design, the e-liquid cartridges. 

Mod pods, similar to cigalikes in this sense, require specific and usually non-refillable cartridges. When you boil it down, this may be a stylistic issue as compared refillable clearomizers, but it's clearly a significant issue regardless. 

The mod pod vape device has been steadily rising through the ranks of vaping preferences. It even goes well beyond the world of interested vapers, as in America, a particular brand of mod pod has been regularly making news headlines. 

We're talking about the JUUL range of mod pod vape pens. Currently only widely available in America, the focus of attention hasn't been universally positive. We've talked to some degree about news media hysteria when it comes to science or public health reporting, and here's where that information comes to the fore. 

Juul Device | Vape Angels

Take a look at this Buzzfeed article, for example. While raising some valid concerns, it's... problematic, for reasons you can likely identify yourself now. 

What this any many articles like it hint at though, is primarily the surge of interest around this product. 

We're pretty clear and comfortable on the issue. You can read our articles on the reasonable benefits and harms of vaping, and you can see why we still overwhelmingly value these devices because of the positive implications they have for public health in a world where tobacco smoking is still common. 

Speaking for ourselves, we'd love to see the JUUL range make its way over to the UK. And, shucks, we might well be trying right now...?! Sleak, stylish and easy-to-use, and popular as a result, we see another immensely effective tool in helping remove the scourge of smoking tobacco. 

What this space. We're working on this...

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