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Survey Says?

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We love a good survey. VIP Electronic Cigarettes decided to undertake a little market research and the results were really interesting! The UK definitely does have some interesting flavour preferences.

Looks like there’s generational, geographic and gender divides across the country, though this isn’t too surprising. We know from our experience there’s also the question of how someone started vaping.

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There is a growing number of people who vape having never smoked. While we recognise the value of vaping for quitting cigarettes, that’s not the hook for many. For non-smokers it’s just a fun, pleasurable thing to do, and with so many flavours out there it’s easy to understand why.

The great divide in e-liquids is simple in this regard. You could look at it as tobacco-based e-liquids, and everything else. We find that people who have never smoked basically never go for the tobacco flavoured juices, while smokers trying to quit are less likely to go for anything not tobacco-based.

Hardly rocket science, tobacco is actually an acquired taste that generally only smokers can abide. This does highlight one of the interesting things about vapers and vaping though. It’s a big tent. From quitters, to casual puffers and cloud-chasers, people come to vaping for all sorts of different reasons.

Imagine the future. As vape juices flavours get more complex and refined, we could get into some serious Dahl/Wonka territory. Roast dinner flavours today…


Vape Angels News e-Liquids Milton Keynes Vaping Delivery UK

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