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Short Fills

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One of the latest trends in the vaping world is giving vapers more control than ever before. In the early days your choices of e-liquids were relatively limited to bottles with set amounts of nicotine in them. 

With ranges of 0mg all the way up to over 18mg of nicotine content, it wasn't like there was a lack of choice, but there's always room for more flexibility. Being able to determine exactly how much nicotine is in your vape juice can improve your personal vape, and make gradually drawing down on nicotine intake even easier. 

This is where the short fill steps in. These are, quite simply, vape juice bottles sold with a little extra empty capacity in them. The typical size of these bottles is 60ml, containing 50ml of your preferred flavour at 0mg nicotine content. 

All you need to do is get your hands on a wide variety of easily available "nico shots", 10ml bottles of a PG/VG base nicotine mixture, which themselves are available at different intensities of nicotine strength. 

Vape Angels Short Fill Pacha Mama e-Liquid

There's a little bit of guidance that comes with successfully using short fills though. Some of this comes down to the mixing aspect: 

  • Mix thoroughly - after combining give your mix a good shake and let it settle for five or so minutes.
  • Nico shot that hasn't mixed with your flavour base can burn on your coils and create an unpleasant taste and over strong nico hit.
  • Be aware of the PG/VG ratios of your vape juice. 
  • Your nico shot wants to have roughly the same PG/VG ratio as your flavour base, or mixing will be difficult.

You also have to understand how to calculate your mixing levels. What amount of what strength nico shot will result in the correct end product? Here are some helpful pointers: 

  • 50ml of e liquid + 18mg 10ml nicotine shot = 3mg 60ml bottle of e juice
  • Basically, adding 10ml to 50ml creates 60ml, so just divide the nicotine strength of the nico shot by 6. 18/6=3. Simple! 
  • For different bottle volumes, just divide the total volume by the nicotine strength. So 55ml + 10ml = 65 / 18 = ~ 2.8mg 65ml 

That about sums up the basics of short fills. These are available across a growing number of brands as they grow increasingly popular, and at Vape Angels we hate to miss out on a good thing. 

We've got some great short fill flavours coming in from Attitude and Pacha Mama, two of the leading e-liquid brands. As we use our discerning taste buds to select more of the best, our range will grow! 


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