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One of the most interesting vaping developments in the UK is how public health bodies are turning towards vaping in a hugely positive manner. We just talked about the recent PHE findings. One of the key sets of recommendations was directed straight at the NHS.

NHS Trusts (from PHE)

To become truly smokefree, Trusts should ensure

  • e-cigarettes, alongside nicotine replacement therapies are available for sale in hospital shops
  • vaping policies support smokers to quit and stay smokefree
  • smoking shelters be removed
  • frontline staff take every opportunity to encourage and support patients to quit

The government’s new Tobacco Control Plan for England includes a commitment to ‘maximise the availability of safer alternatives to smoking’. It makes clear that e-cigarettes have an important part to play in achieving the ambition for a smokefree generation.

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Some hospitals and trusts have already moved on this. Sites around Ipswich and Colchester ran some trials, and again (getting a little predictable now) the results were so encouraging. 

After they swapped out smoking zones for dedicated vaping zones, there was a "huge reduction" in smoking according to NHS Ipswich and Colchester HR Director Clare Edmonson

With evidence like this and the backing of PHE, we expect to see this kind of move roll out across the country. Vaping is helping people quit smoking with unparalleled effectiveness. 

PHE have even gone as far as suggesting that hospital shops supply vaping products to smokers. They're practically begging smokers to switch, and considering how toxic cigarettes are, it's no surprise. 


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