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How to Switch?

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If you're thinking about making the right move and quitting tobacco, vaping is proving to be an incredibly effective method. What makes the challenge of putting down those cigarettes is the nicotine addiction to a large extent, but also the habit. 

It's those particular smokes, after the morning coffee or after a meal, that are often most difficult to kick. But even if you're down to only one or two a day, you're still not there yet. Vaping offers something to replace the nicotine, if necessary, and something to replace that mechanical, habitual factor. 

This is perhaps why vaping has taken off to such a degree, and the results are encouraging. The more people are vaping, the fewer people are smoking. And the folks using vaping as a method to quit smoking are less likely to go back to smoking than with other quitting methods. 

So here's a little advice on how to approach vaping if you're making the switch. Flavour aside, which is completely down to taste, you obviously want to pick reliable products. To make life easy there are a number of good starter kits, leaving one common question in the air. 

How much nicotine should I have in my e-Liquid? 

First, being responsible, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and there's some evidence to suggest it's bad for your health. Sooner or later, we'd always recommend setting your sights on weening yourself off nicotine as well as tobacco. 

Cold turkey is a tough ask though, especially for the heavier smokers, and this is where one of the strength's of vaping steps up. Most brands supplying vape juice have reasonable variations of nicotine content for each flavour. 

The common range is 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg of nicotine in a 10ml bottle of vape juice. 

For heavy smokers, the 12mg or even 18mg variations are perhaps called for, but only the heavy smokers. Light to moderate smokers will possibly be a bit overwhelmed by these amounts, especially the 18mgs. 

Following on logically, the moderate smoker might enjoy the lighter 6mg varieties if 12mg is too strong. The light or habitual smoker trying to land the killer blow could try the 3mg or even 0mg nicotine options. 

Wherever you start, unless already at 0mg, consider dropping down a few milligrams after a while. With vaping, you can gradually reducing your nicotine intake without having to abandon the associated tactile habit of smoking. 

Vaping is working for a growing number of people, and as it does the dramatic harms of tobacco smoking are removed. If you're a smoker, we'd say it's time to give quitting a proper go. It's never been easier. 


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