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How does Vaping work?

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We've moved on a bit from ye olde firesticks of cancer don't you know? While tobacco may linger into the future as the discreet habit of a few holdouts, vaping is going to be the vastly preferred method of inhalation. 

Admittedly, it's a touch more complicated than wrapping dried leaf muck in a tube of paper. It's still pretty easy though. Here are the very basic principles of how an e-cigarette functions. 

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Now we do mean the very basics here. We'll be getting a little more in-depth as we move along, but matters like wicks and the different kinds of atomizers and the rest can wait for now. 

We just want you to see how simple this is. It's nothing to be afraid of getting started, and there are lots of great starter kits that don't over-complicate matters. Give it a go! 


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