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E-Liquids : PG vs VG

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So you should now know that the essential ingredients of vape juice are PG and VG, and nicotine and flavorings depending on the product. If not, pop over here really quickly and catch up. There is more to it though, and what you may have noticed on your cartomizers or vape juice refills are the PG and VG ratios. 

What difference does that make? Quite an important one really, and it boils down to the basic properties of each. 

PG, if you were so inclined to have a play around with it, is thinner than VG and has a less sweet flavour. It vaporizes more easily and more cleanly than the thicker and sweeter VG. 

Vaping properties are effected by these differences quite notably.

  1. A higher PG ratio vape juice will have a stronger throat hit and its intended flavour will be more pure.
  2. A higher VG ratio vape juice will produce more vapour, and the flavour might be more diluted by the natural sweetness of VG. 

Aside from the vaping properties, these ratios will also impact the durability of your components. The thicker VG-heavy juices will gum up and deteriorate your wicks and coils faster than the thinner PG-heavy ratios. 

New vapers will generally want to start with something close to a 50/50 ratio and go from there. They may prefer something that tips in the balance of PG though, in order to replicate that familiar tobacco smoke hit. 

If you're set upon becoming the next cloud-chasing champion, go for the VG-heavy juices. These mixes are also required for Sub ohm vaping, where the greater power output can burn a PG-heavy mix, resulting in a rather unpleasant hit. 

That just about covers the e-liquid intermediary course. We'll have to get pretty in depth soon! 


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