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Vapers Start Smoking?

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In a word, no. This is one of the most daft notions going around about vaping, all thanks to a dash of poor research here and a sprinkle of inane science reporting there. We’ve literally just been talking about this as a major problem for vaping.

All it takes is one half-baked study to kick off all the noise. The FDA in America have a notably awful track record for taking on advisement from trash studies, which are usually conflict laden and explicitly set out to prove or disprove something before the facts. Ask stevia, for one.

It’s no wonder vaping has taken some fire from a lot of corners. There’s the tobacco industry on one hand, which has been taking a beating thanks to vaping, and there’s the unfortunate legion of folk who are too willing to digest some really bad information whenever it’s presented to them. 

Here's the truth. Vaping is not a "gateway" (yuk) to smoking. Let’s cut straight to some good information, and let’s identity why it’s good information.

Exhibit A - The evidence keeps piling up: e-cigarettes are definitely safer than smoking

Exhibit B - Fears over e-cigarettes leading to smoking for young people unfounded

These reflect comprehensive studies, undertaken by public health bodies, with no conflicts of interest. No weasel words, no underhanded language designed to present a greater sense of threat than there is.

And, of course, they are clear and honest in their findings. Vaping does come with some health warnings. Tobacco flavours will contain tobacco toxins, which are very bad for you. Nicotine is highly addictive and there’s evidence that it’s bad for developmental health.

But under no rational light of day could a reasonable or honest person stand there and tell you that vaping is any way near as dangerous as smoking, or that your health won’t dramatically improve if you switch from smoking to vaping.

It’s a moot question anyway. There’s no interest whatsoever at Vape Angels in getting kids to vape, that’s not what we’re about. We’re looking at you, smokers. Yeeees, you. Those of you out there still huffing the tarry stuff. Stop it!

Quite the opposite of this nonsensical idea that vaping leads to smoking, smokers using vaping to quit cigarettes have seen unprecedented success. We’ve seen the evidence for ourselves, first hand. So just remember folks. Don’t fall for every outrageous claim you see in the tabloids. Usually doesn’t take much extra digging to get to the real facts.


Vape Angels Milton Keynes e-Liquid Vape Juice

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