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Focus: Vampire Vape

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We're kicking off the Focus series with a big hitter. Vampire Vape are an established outfit on the e-liquid scene, and then some. Launching in 2012 with a respectable line of twelve high quality flavours, they've since gone stratospheric. Vampire Vape are now easily one of the world's most recognised vape juice brands. 

Vape Angels Vampire Vape

An historic market town in Lancashire may seem like an unlikely place for a global brand to originate, but Darwen it was. Vampire Vape distinguished themselves from the start for two key reasons: the quality of their flavours, and the highest manufacturing standards.

They like to keep it relatively simple, and this is no bad thing. Fidelity of flavour is everything when it comes to a good vape juice, and Vampire Vape have particularly mastered a strong range of fruit and menthol blends. 

Those twelve original flavours have grown to over 50 varieties, including those across a number of great concept ranges. American Desire is an Americana-inspired selection of diner favourites, while the KonceptXIX short fill line keeps them up to step with the latest vaping trends. Handily, Vampire Vape also supply Nicit UP nico shots. 

The Vlads VG line is a clouder-chaser's favourite, but Vampire Vape go even further for the seriously dedicated vaper. They offer a huge range of flavour concentrates and all the necessary basics to help you get creating all on your own.

Vape Angels Vampire Vape

Underpinning the lot is pharmaceutical grade ingredients and basically unmatched professional production standards. Take it all into account and it's really less of a mystery as to why this team have hit the top of their game. 

To keep it brief, we love Vampire Vape, and more importantly, clearly so does everyone else. At the moment we're stocking a select five favourites that we literally can't live without, and we'll be expanding our selection soon. 

Black Ice, Spearmint and Ice Menthol are three of best menthol e-liquids on the market, but an even more special mention goes to Heisenberg, and Pinkman. These were introduced as Limited Edition flavours at VapeFest2014, but after causing a sensation were kept in the repertoire. 

Thank goodness for that, because while it means we get to keep enjoying these fantastic fruit & menthol and fruit blends (respectively), it also means we get to keep guessing at their mystery makeup. Vampire Vape have somewhat tantalisingly kept the recipe to these numbers a secret. 

If you can figure it out, please let us know! Otherwise, don't waste another moment if you haven't actually tried some of Vampire Vape's top line products. Get them here, get them there, just get them. Vaping doesn't get better. 


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